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Introduction to Nosework 3/23/2019


Location:  Grand Island Kennel Club, 2860 Bismark Rd, Grand Island, NE

Canine nosework is a hot new dog sport. It is modeled after detection dogs’ work in finding illegal drugs, firearms, fire accelerants and much more. In the nosework sport, dogs are trained to find specific essential oil odors through positive reinforcement. You can even treat your dog while you are in a trial competing!

AKC began its Scent Work trialing and titling program on Oct. 1, 2017, and trials are filling with long wait lists all across the country, including the greater Omaha area. UKC Nosework has been a sport for several years. Dogs earn titles by searching for trained odors in different environments, called Container, Interior, Exterior and Buried Elements in AKC. UKC has a Vehicle Element instead of Buried. 

Nosework is a fun sport and great for all types and ages of dogs (and owners!), including older, shy or somewhat reactive dogs. Handlers learn to take a dog’s natural sniffing ability and put it to work finding specific odors in different scenarios. It takes a relatively small amount of time and equipment to get proficient enough to trial, when compared to other dog sport.

The clinic will include: 

• An overview summary of the sport of nosework focused on AKC Scent Work.

 • Search demonstrations with Sharon's border collie Clare,to include containers and interior searches. Weather permitting,demonstration searches will also include vehicles and exterior. 

• Overview of positive reinforcement training- train the trainer game. 

• Introduction of the odor Birch to dogs with working spots. Birch is the odor used for the Novice trial level. 

• Introduction of Birch in plastic containers to dogs with working spots.

• Lunch 

• Presentation of nosework supplies,handling them, and how to set up odors and scent vessels for searching.A handout will be provided listing sources for supplies.

• Second set of search demonstrations with Sharon's border collie Clare.

• Second introduction of the odor Birch to dogs with working spots,plus Birch in plastic containers. 

• If any dogs are ready,introduction of Birch in cardboard boxes for dogs with working spots.

• Explanation of next steps. 

• Questions and discussions on nosework topics will be welcome at any time during the clinic. 

Folks in working spots should bring a kennel for their dogs, a copious amount of soft, non-crumbly, high value treats, a flat collar and a 6-foot leash. One dog at a time will work. As much knowledge can be gained by observing working teams as doing the work yourself at this stage of learning the sport.

Clinician Sharon Dowell

Sharon’s dog Clare is the first border collie to achieve the AKC Advanced Scent Work and Master Container titles. She is currently trialing in the upper levels of AKC and UKC nosework. The team has been trialing for 2 years and Sharon has been teaching nosework for almost a year. Sharon has also chaired half a dozen nosework trials in greater Omaha. She is passionate about this exciting new sport. When not sniffing, Sharon and Clare also enjoy herding and dabble in obedience and rally.



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