All breed kennel club in Grand Island, Nebraska

Grand Island Kennel Club

Classes Offered


Beginning, Intermediate and Advanced Obedience Training

Beginning Obedience is a class designed to introduce you and your dog to Obedience.  Lessons include: Heel on a loose lead, Automatic Sits, Stays, Come When Called, Down.  

More advanced classes are available to continue working on basic skills that can lead to competition in obedience.

Next session: Tuesdays, March 17th-April 21st, 6:30-7:30pm

Invitational Obedience

Saturdays, March 14th-April11th, 11:30-12:45pm 

We are delaying the start of class by two weeks.  We have everyone's email and will be sending some "work from home" materials.  Thank you for your patience.

Conformation & Showmanship

This is a 6 week, 1 hour session that meets weekly on Wednesday nights.  This class teaches the art of showing your dog in breed.  Learn how to fill out entries, what attire is expected and how to train you and your dog for competition in the AKC dog shows. 

Next session: Wednesdays, 3/18 - 4/22  No class on 4/8.


Puppy Socialization/Kindergarten

Puppy kindergarten is a 4 week class offered to teach puppies ages 10 weeks to 4 months basic obedience lessons, house training and social skills. 

Next Session: TBD



Introduction to Agility

This is for people who have little to no idea what Agility is.  For dogs who have NOT mastered obedience basics like walking kindly on leash, a firm stay and a guaranteed recall. In class you will have fun introducing your dog to the various agility equipment and also work on fine tuning the general obedience skills you must have mastered before starting Agility.

Next session: March 14th - April 11th, 2-3:30pm


This class is for people who have completed an intro to agility class and are familiar with all agility equipment. The classes are small/semi-private.

Next session: TBD

Agility Drop & Play Saturdays 

Sign up and we will have instructors on site to assist or you can take turns with other participants and practice what you need.  You must have taken agility classes to participate. 


We are delaying the start of class by two weeks.  We have everyone's email and will be sending some "work from home" materials.  Thank you for your patience.


Rally is a fun new sport that incorporates a little Agility with relaxed Obedience.  You and your dog learn to read signs and move through a course.  

The class will do Competition Beginning Novice and Novice run throughs at the end of each class.

Schedule TBD

Trick Dog

Do more with your Dog!  The AKC has launched the Trick Dog Program and we are joining in on the fun.  This is a three week class designed to work with a variety of skill levels so you can either start with your core basics, solidify them or build on them.

Trick Class offers the option of learning how to apply to the AKC Canine Partners or PAL registries to become eligible to compete in various AKC events and earn Titles - including four different Trick Dog Titles.

Whether you are looking to entertain friends and family or just learn how to communicate better with your dog, Trick Dog Class will foster a better relationship between you and your dog.  

Class concludes with the AKC Novice Trick Dog test and ribbons.  Dogs must not have aggression issues.  Owners will need to fill out a brief questionnaire to be enrolled in class.

Schedule TBD