Grand Island Kennel Club
                                                                April 21 - 22, 2018
                                                        Vendor Agreement / Contract

All Vendor spaces will be available Indoors Only with Electrical Outlets Available to all.
Cost for Space if received by 4/13/18:
__________  $70 10x10        __________ $95 - 10x20      __________ $150 - 10x30

  1. Requests for location will be accepted but NO Guarantees or refund will be          made                                               
  2. Return signed copy of Vendor Agreement and funds.  No space will be reserved without funds.
  3. Conformation of receipt of Vendor Agreement will be sent by E-mail.
  4. One half refund will be available thru April 5th.
  5. SETUP TIME:  Friday, April 20, 10:00 am – 5:00 pm unless arrangement has been made.


Please COMPLETE the information below:


Business Name:________________________________________  Tax ID#____________________

Mailing Address:______________________________________________________

City:___________________________________ State:____________  Zip:_______________

Email Address: _______________________________________________________________________

Phone #:___________________________________   Cell #:__________________________________

Services / Goods Provided: _____________________________________________________________



I agree to collect 1) State Sales Tax at 5.5%, and 2) City of Grand Island Sales Tax at 1.5% & report it to the State of Nebraska.  The GIKC
will be glad to collect the funds on Sunday for all Out-of-State Vendors.  An envelope will be provided to collect the tax and will be picked up on
Sunday afternoon by the Grand Island Kennel Club Vendor Chairperson.  Failure to comply with this procedure will result in not being able to
participate in future events.
By signing this agreement/contract I agree to the above:

______________________________________          ______________________________
Signature                                                          Date

Grand Island Kennel Club
Brenda Piper
4258 Utah Ave
Grand Island, NE  68803
Questions please Email Doug Jensen -  308-379-2970
or Brenda Piper -  308-390-2492