BreAnna Ehlers was  one of the top 12 finalists in
the 2009 Juniors competing in this show.  Bre had
to have 5 wins and maintain a 3.0 grade average to
qualify for this competition.  It was held in Long
Beach, CA.
In just 3 months of showing with his handler, Luis Calderon and his
sponsor, Suzanne Johnston, GraDee is soaring.  GraDee won the BISS
at the 30th year Havanese Nationals in 2009, AOM at the 2008 National
Specialty and BOS at the Eukanuba National show in 2007.
We are very proud of his accomplishments.  He was Bre's boy and
finished his CH as a BBE.  He is our second BBE and his sire, D'Va's
Prince in White Armor, EdDee, was our first BBE.
"Lexi" - 6 months old
owner: Vicki Sinner
Some of our Members (Sue Maginnis,
Erika Wilson, Jamie Bockerman, &
Erika Wilson, Jamie Bockerman, &
Group.  This is a recent visit to the Life
Vicki Sinner) belong to a Therapy Vicki
Sinner) belong to a Therapy Group.  
This is a recent visit to the Life Skills
program at Hawthorne Elementary on
December 5, 2011
Doug Jensen is mighty pleased with
winning Select Dog at the Doberman
Pinscher Regionals Oct 2012 w/
Double Oh Seven "Seven"
NAP NJP NFP (pts) at nearly 11 yrs.
old with northern Lake Michigan in
Oakli owned by Vicki Sinner
pictured at 8 wks old (registered name
to appear as soon as I receive it!)